Rua 25 Nov. de 1975, nr. 2 B
        1495-156 Miraflores
        PORTUGAL | map
        T. (+351) 214 105 560
F. (+351) 927 404 700

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Affordable vacations while we take care of your smile!
We are a clinic based on treatment excellence and proven results.
Making beauty affordable. Lodging included!


Imagine taking a short vacation in Portugal while staying in a beautiful private condominium while we give you back your beautiful smile!

We believe in making your stay an absolute dream.

In order to make it happen, we not only solve your dental aesthetics problems, but we will provide you with a fantastic stay in the process.

Besides "giving you back your smile", our offer includes:

Free lodging at private condominium with swimming pool near the ocean
Pick-up at the condo for your appointments
Art exhibition while you wait your consultation
Flat screen / cable TV
Advanced computer & software systems that both help treat and teach you more about your teeth
Mini cameras that go into your mouth to show you your problems and your progress
Massage therapy
Glasses with video (DVD) connection for viewing during appointment
Digital imaging, all the images of your treatment saved on CD
Free beverages while you wait
Pick-up and return to Lisbon International Airport (if you arrive by air)
Duration of your stay in a fantastic private condominium in the Cascais district
(24 km from Lisbon)
Personalized Concierge Service: Help making the most out of your stay by suggesting restaurants, museums, tours, rent-a-car...etc.

We are a metal-free and mercury-free clinic. We only use biocompatible and non aggressive materials.

We understand the anxiety many patients may feel toward dental treatment. That’s why Dr. Ricardo offers his patients a complimentary massage before and after treatment.

Our comprehensive dental services include cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening, veneers, dental implants, full mouth reconstruction, Botox and dermal fillers.

Patients from around the Europe have traveled to us to experience our premier dental care. This is just one of the many thoughtful extra measures that contributes to the wonderful dental experience you will have with Dr. Ricardo and his highly-trained-team.

A center for dental excellence specializes in beautifying smiles and helping you improve your overall appearance.

Get in touch with us for an appointment and more information.
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More than dentists we're all about your smile!


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